Horns Up Rocks / HATEBREED “Old School” 20th Anniversary Set At BNB Bowl 2014

On May 17th and 18th, Black N’ Blue Productions is bringing the music community of the World the 2014 Black N’ Blue Bowl (formerly known as The Superbowl Of Hardcore). The two event will take place at The Well in Brooklyn, NY.

Two great reasons why nobody should miss this amazing event:

1) Agnostic Front will be performing their 1986 classic Cause For Alarm in its entirety with the original lineup: Roger Miret (founder and frontman of AF), Vinnie Stigma, Alex Kinon, Rob Kabula and Louis Beateaux.

2) On Saturday May 17th Hatebreed will take the honors of closing the first day of the 2014 edition by performing an exclusive set featuring only songs from their two classic albums Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desireand Under The Knife. During an interview on the Black N Blue Takeover radio show Jamey Jasta said: “None of you will be able to see Hatebreed perform this classic live set anywhere else. This is it. This is the day we give you our classic set!!!!”

Howie Abrams recently conducted an interview with Jamey about their upcoming performance at the 2014 Black N Blue Bowl, NYHC and the exclusive classic setlist that Hatebreed will unleash on May 17th in Brooklyn.

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BNB Takeover: 3/19 Howie Abrams

The Black N Blue Takeover is pleased to welcome Howie Abrams, long time NYHC family member and co-author of The Merciless Book Of Metal Lists (available April 9, 2013). Howie will be in the studio with the BNB Takeover team promoting his new book as they play and discuss his Top 10 picks for best Hardcore/Metal Crossover records. Listen live at 8pmET exclusively at EVR.com.