Black N’ Blue Bowl 2015 Sneak Peek 2 Featuring SICK OF IT ALL, AGENTS OF MAN + More

In addition to the previously announced bands from last week, this week brings news with the addition of New York Hardcore stalwarts and veterans SICK OF IT ALL to the line-up’s rank. Having been no strangers to not only the current Black N’ Blue Bowl, but its preceding Superbowl of Hardcore — drummer and all-around-great-guy, Armand Majidi weighs in on the bands appearance at this years event, taking place Saturday, May 16th and Sunday, May 17th at Webster Hall in New York City;

We’re psyched to announce that we’ll be playing the Black N’ Blue Bowl in 2015, along with Expire, Bitter End, 100 Demons, King Nine, Freedom, Rude Awakening, a very anticipated Crumbsuckers reunion and many more to be announced. Let’s hear it for the guys who put this show together every year. They’ve kept hardcore alive in New York in a special way. If it wasn’t for them, and their continuous ability to do big shows in big venues, I hate to say it, but this city might not be as friendly towards our kind of music as we would like. Back when the first “Hardcore Superbowl” was done in the late eighties, it was great because of the classic line-up of iconic NYHC bands, BUT it was put together by leeches who had no love for the scene or the future of this music. Now, it’s put together by a group of guys who live the music, and live the scene. They pour their hearts and souls into it, and it stands as one of the premier hardcore festivals in the world. Other fests suffer from being directed too much at a particular generation, or being too reliant on one sub genre to draw an audience, but the Black N’ Blue Bowl has a special ability to give every part of this scene a voice, an audience, and a validation. Kudos, boys.

In addition to Sick Of It All, also announced is a reunion from Agents Of Man, as well as appearances from Wisdom In Chains, Suburban Scum, Heavy Chains, and Mizery.

An update secondary e-flyer can be found below;

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Black N’ Blue Bowl 2015 Sneak Peek Featuring CRUMBSUCKERS Reunion + Partial Line-Up Reveal

The annually held Black N’ Blue Bowl will be taking place Saturday, May 16th & Sunday, May 17th at Webster Hall in New York City. A partial sneak peek look at some of the confirmed headliners most notably offers a reunion from one of New York Hardcore/Crossover legends, Crumbsuckers.

A statement from Crumbsuckers bassist and founding member, Gary Meskil regarding the bands first performance in nearly a decade follows;

IT’S SO TRUE! We are thrilled and fortunate to be able to reunite CRUMBSUCKERS for Black N’ Blue Bowl 2015!  The last time we hit the stage together was for a full house at BB King’s (NYC) in 2006, and in 2015 we plan for another strong showing and to represent the band in true form once again!  Here’s our official lineup for the show:

Chris Notaro (Vocals)
Chuck Lenihan (Guitar)
Gary Meskil (Bass)
Adam Phillips (Guitar)
Dan Richardson (Drums)

Thanks to Freddy Cricien (and his persistence) for making this a reality, and thanks to the fans for their undying passion, dedication and support!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in May!

Also announced are 100 DemonsBitter EndExpireFreedomKing Nine, and Rude Awakening. Another round of confirmed band announcements are to follow on 12/31/2014.

An e-flyer with the partial line-up and details thus far can be found below;

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