SHEER TERROR Debut 2 Brand New Songs On BNB Takeover Radio Show [Tue 4/22, 8pmET,]


Having  just completed the first new Sheer Terror full-length record in nearly 20 years, entitled Standing Up For Falling Down (Reaper Records), the BNB Takeover are pleased and honored to give the world a sneak peek listen of what’s to be released this summer on the upcoming Tue, 4/22 episode. With 11 new songs for the full-length and the 2-song EP Spite from 2011 still fresh under their belts, it’s safe to say that the future for Sheer Terror, with their unparalleled and pre-existing legacy, has them proudly still waving the “here to stay” flag.

Take it from Sheer Terror frontman, Paul Bearer himself;

“I am so fucking proud of my band. Whether anyone else likes this record (and, you’d be a friggin’ cloth-eared toad, if you don’t), I can guarantee you this… there was never a fucking NYHC punk record that ever sounded like this — EVER! Hard as fucking nails. Fuck you and your fantasy as to what you think NYHC is. You have no fucking clue!!! Yeah, I’m that fucking sure.”

Be sure to listen in Tue, 4/22 from 8pmET to 10pmET exclusively on to hear the worldwide exclusive debut of “Ain’t Alright” and “Did You Just Meet Me?”.