COLD AS LIFE – “A Detroit Story” Documentary

COLD AS LIFE – “A Detroit Story “ Narrated by Lars Fredricksen of Rancid, this feature length documentary will explore the decline of Detroit and the parallel reaction it created socially in the music scene of the city. How did the birthplace of Motown, a city once called the Paris of the new world, become the most dangerous destination in America?

With the parallel decline of Detroit we see the rise of shock rock, a blistering punk movement, the electrifying first wave of post punk / hardcore and finally the brutal and violent second wave of hardcore. Through this time line we discover a real life allegory, and begin to understand the actions, the struggles and general social response from a city of young casualties and the fallen victims there of. Uncovering the truth behind the myth and rumors we will finally bring to light the scariest, hardest, most tragic story in Rock n’ Roll.

This film will draw upon archival footage, recent interviews, and investigative – style reporting. Featuring interviews with – CTYC, Agnostic Front, Sick of it All, Madball, Hatebreed, Cro-Mags, Murphy’s Law, S.B.L.C, Terror, Skarhead, Crown Of Thornz, H8 Inc, Bulldoze, Negative Approach, the Suicide Machines, Earthmover, the Almighty Lumberjacks of Death, Pitbull, Son of Sam/Hillside Stranglers, Heresy, xTYRANTx, and many more. Please help us spread the word, and support the completion of this story at: