BNB Bowl 2015 In Review


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Chances are by now you have been besieged by social media posts about the 2015 Black N Blue Bowl which was held on May 16th and 17th at Webster Hall in NYC. Links, Likes, Shares, You Tubes, Instagrams, Tweets, and all other coverage step aside as In Effect Hardcore wants to drop our two cents in as well…

Where do we even start off? If your new to the game (first off… welcome) the Black ‘N Blue Bowl goes back to the late 80’s where the shows were held at The Ritz on 11th Street in NYC… and the show actually started off being called the Super Bowl Of Hardcore. Over time things sputtered but the concept was revived in 2005 by Black ‘N Blue Productions and in 2008 the name was officially switched from the Super Bowl Of Hardcore to the Black ‘N Blue Bowl. The current location where Webster Hall is today is actually that old Ritz club so the connection from yesterday to today is very real and this is the biggest NYHC weekend of the year by far. Many people still refer to the show as the Super Bowl much like many NY Mets fans still call their new stadium “Shea”… but that’s a New Yorker’s take on things and bringing up baseball in NY can definitely cause some division so let’s not go there right now considering this hardcore thing all near and dear to us is all about the unity…right?

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